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  • Axceleron™


    Our LED downlight fixture combines state-of-the art features with superior performance and offers a myriad of options, aimed at meeting each and every lighting need all while considering cost effectiveness and energy efficiency.

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  • Rheos™ (RGBW)

    Rheos™ (RGBW)

    From dramatic and bright to soft and muted, the Rheos RGBW is perfect for downlight applications where creating a dynamic audience experience matters.

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  • Zino ℠

    Zino ℠

    Our 6” mid-bay LED down light. With the same smooth dimming curve as the Axceleron, the Zino is available 25W-75W, 3000K-5000K and has an array of customization options.

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  • One Community Church

  • Noble Energy Town Hall

  • The Fillmore

  • Church of St. Charles Borromeo


Not only do LED lights offer tremendous energy savings, but the illumination quality is unmatched.

  • Breakage and vibration resistant
  • Temperature resiliency, in hot or cold conditions
  • Rapid cycling capabilities
  • Instant illumination without any warm up time
  • Dimmable and controllable
  • IR or UV emission-free
  • Limited or no maintenance required
  • Our LED fixtures do not generate "filament" hum or ballast buzz, making for near or silent units.
  • In a fit-to-purpose fixture, LED's offer outstanding service life

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Rheos™ (RGBW) Award Nominee

AQUARII’S Rheos™ (RGBW) was nominated for WFX's 2019 New Product Award in the category of LED fixture.


Incentives and Rebate Programs

Obsolete lighting fixtures and outdated controls systems can be a tremendous ongoing expense for your venue. Until recently, organizations were often "on their own" for the costs of upgrading to more energy efficient lighting. Thankfully there has been recognition of the benefits of upgrading facilities to energy efficient technologies, including LEDs.  Governments, foundations and utilities have created numerous incentive programs to help finance these investments.  Make sure to check with your local utility and government programs to see if there is an incentive program for switching your facility to LEDs!

Here are some websites that may prove helpful in finding an incentive or rebate program in your area:

Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency

Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy



Begin your energy savings today by turning a lump sum capital expenditure into an easily budgeted monthly expense with Aquarii's Enlightened Financing. Our financing plan has a full range of options:

  • Loan Agreements
  • Lease Agreements (Capital Leases)
  • 2-5 year terms
  • On projects of less than $150,000 only a single page application is needed
  • Projects over $150,000 do require a Financial Disclosure form in addition to the application form
  • While there is a $20,000 minimum there is no maximum limit

Contact us to discuss how you can start enjoying the benefits of LED lighting—Savings at the flick of a switch are simple with Aquarii's  Enlightened Financing.


Accelerated Savings

LED lighting boasts the following benefits:

  • You will save up to 60 percent or more on your energy bills
  • You will see an accelerated ROI through reduced energy consumption
  • You will experience minimal lumen degradation over the life of the light
  • You will greatly reduce or eliminate the need for maintenance
  • You will experience a service life that is typically many years longer than standard fixtures
  • You may gain eligibility for a Federal rebate and/or tax credit

LED lighting offers everyone lower energy usage and reduced maintenance over standard lighting fixtures. The Return-On-Investment time will vary depending on your cost per kilowatt/hr. and the daily operating hours. Contact us or your local sales representative to help you with those calculations.

Lighting can be a tremendous investment for your venue, and we understand the importance of every dollar being spent wisely. Thankfully, the federal and state governments organize incentive programs to help curtail the cost of your energy efficient lighting improvements. Please go to our Incentives page for helpful links on these programs.


About Our Company

The Aquarii Advantage: Supplying solutions with proven experience

Aquarii consists of a diverse group of individuals with decades of experience in sales, business, design, engineering, manufacturing, construction and project coordination / management. It's this combination of experience that sets us apart from the competition.

Key Aquarii Personnel:

  • Thomas F. Trytek, P.E., President
  • Jason G. Kantak, P.E., Vice President

We offer an unparalleled approach to researching and understanding lighting needs within the marketplace. Based on that research, we find ways to provide cost effective solutions to antiquated lighting systems by implementing new and innovative LED fixture technologies. Our team of experts is committed to providing you with undivided attention and the tools necessary to achieve a successful project.

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